Graphic Design Companies Durban, Capetown & Johannesburg - Artwork Guide

In Order To Streamline Your Order Please Ensure That Your Artwork Meets The Requirement For Commercial CMYK Printing

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Document Colours

We print in CMYK, ensure that your artwork is saved in CMYK and not RGB. All artwork sent in RGB will be converted to CMYK and will result in colour variations to the final printed product.

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Artwork Creation

Artwork created in MS Office applications and Publisher is not suitable for commercial printing. These files can be converted for a fee. Ensure that your artwork creation is correct.

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The Right Trim / Bleed

Always add trim/bleed to your files to allow leeway for cutting differences in production. Our standard trim allowance is 3mm. Ensure that you have the correct bleed.

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Safety Margins

Keep all of your important content at least 3mm away from the edge of the finished size. Ensure background images, colors and layouts do extend in to the bleed area to prevent white lines as a result of cutting.

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Images / File Formats

All images of high resolution, min 300dpi & converted to bitmaps. Save artwork preferred PDF in high resolution. Reduce all layers into a single flat background.

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Embed Fonts & Paths

Convert all of your fonts & paths to outlines to prevent printing problems (or if we do not have the exact font on our systems). Allow sufficient contrast between font colors and background colors.


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